Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Framing seems to mostly be done

We are mostly under roof!! We normally stop out at the house 2 to 3 times a week and we just went yesterday, but it's all happening so fast that we couldn't resist stopping again today.

Yesterday the whole second floor was framed and most of the roof up.  Today we have almost all of our windows!!!!  Our garage concrete floor also got poured today.    It is incredible!! I love watching our house come together!!!

I am obsessed with taking pictures of everything...

Front view

Back view

Side view

Morning room

Great room with fire place framed

Garage with concrete floor

Welcome center

Dining room


Entrance to master suite

Laundry room

Master bathroom

One of the master closets

Master bedroom windows

Second floor hall bath

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First floor framing is done!!

We weren't sure if we should drive by the house today since we were just there on Saturday and yesterday was a holiday, but figured we would see if they started any framing... well!! The whole first floor is framed!! It is finally looking like a house and we are finally able to get a feel for how big the rooms will be in our own home!!
Our PM said last week that it might be totally framed out by the end of the week and I seriously had my doubts that was possible. Not anymore!! We might be under roof by Friday if this progress keeps up.
One negative though -- in one of my previous posts I talked about how one of our basement windows was put in the wrong place and needed to be moved to where we had selected -- this was handled immediately, so it was no big deal. When we stopped out on Saturday and the floor was laid down, our fireplace was overlapping the window. It was supposed to be between the fireplace and garage. We took a pic and emailed the PM and he said they saw that last week and the fix was already scheduled. So even though it's another 'wrong' thing (albeit a small one), it is already being taken care of.
So far, so good!!! Hopefully the next time I post, the entire house is framed!!! :-)
Basement walkout from the outside
Exterior on the garage side
Morning room
Great room
Dining room
Front windows in the garage
Basement steps
Basement from the bottom of the steps and the first basement window
Basement walkout
Basement view of the other window