Sunday, August 31, 2014

Basement poured, plumbing checked, framing begins!

Just a quick update...

In the last couple weeks, our basement has been poured. When we went to check this out, we noticed one of our basement windows was in the wrong location. We emailed our PM and be had the issue corrected by the end of the week. Thank goodness that wasn't a big hassle!

The plumbing was put in and it passed inspection.

All of our wood and windows have been delivered.

The basement floor was poured early this past week and some early framing has begun. Framing should be most of the way done this week according to our PM.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pre-Construction Meeting & Footer

So we had our pre-construction meeting on August 7. We finally got to meet our project manager. He seems like a great guy and we have multiple shared acquaintances, which is cool.
We went over all of our selections, confirmed locations of items and went over our non standards.  Then we drove to the home site and went over the location of the house and how the ground was going to be changing. I had no idea how unlevel the lot originally was and how much dirt they would be adding to it. Crazy!!
We also discussed removing all of the trees that are behind the house (on our property) so we can get maximum yard space. Our PM had no problems with any of this.
Jump to this past week...
The trees were removed - YAY!! Our footer was poured and the concrete forms are mostly in place for the basement walls to get poured early next week.  It's so cool to see the actual footprint of the house finally!!  It seems so small still on the big lot that we have.
So excited to see more things get done!!!
When we went to visit the site yesterday to check things out, we also got to meet our neighbors. They seem really great, thank goodness!! We have the same model, but theirs is an older version, a daughter  (older than ours) and a dog (we have 2).
We asked them if they were happy with everything and they said they were. Said it was a great house that was built for them and no real problems so far. That's incredible to hear!! They said their only problem has been with Ryan.  After they built their house (first in the neighborhood) Ryan started offering lots of incentives for our neighborhood. They want a price adjustment since they feel they got shafted. I would feel the same way, I'm sure. I hope they eventually win their battle. They said they paid like $30,000 more than everyone else on the block. That's so much money...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Our home site is finally staked!!

We drove by the site this weekend and it's finally staked!! Maybe we will have a hole by our pre-construction meeting Thursday morning!! The ground breaking is supposed to be Wednesday!! How exciting!!! :-)

Exterior house color examples

Our SR found a few houses who had also selected our exterior color scheme, UED. I'm still happy with our selection after seeing them, thank goodness!! Sadly, neither are our model, and both painted the red door black after they closed but I like them regardless!! Gray, not beige, should be more prominent on our house based on the design.