Monday, August 4, 2014

Exterior house color examples

Our SR found a few houses who had also selected our exterior color scheme, UED. I'm still happy with our selection after seeing them, thank goodness!! Sadly, neither are our model, and both painted the red door black after they closed but I like them regardless!! Gray, not beige, should be more prominent on our house based on the design.


  1. Graphite grey is a GORGEOUS color! It's the one that I really wanted, but only comes as an accent siding in our scheme of colors, which unfortunately, our home has no need for accent siding. Our siding color is granite, which is the darkest of the grays available. But graphite grey is the lighter of the two and seriously, I begged our sales rep to make something happen with that, but alas, no chance. ;) So I'm sure your house is going to be STUNNING! :)

    1. Thank you!! We really like it as well but we were a little concerned of it looking blueish when there was more of it together since it is a lighter gray. It's reassuring to hear your high praise of the color!!!

  2. Do both pictures represent the same stone? Do you mind me inquiring on it as we are selecting our exterior this week. Eek!! I'm nervous.

  3. Yes, both pictures are the same stone. They are the exact same color scheme. I think the bottom picture is truer to how it actually ended up looking on our house. I think the colors in the top picture look different because of how the light was hitting it.