Friday, July 4, 2014

Final Selections Meeting

So we have finally finalized all of our house selections! Thank goodness!!
I was worried about picking house colors, but that turned out to be much easier than either of us expected. We were down to 2 stone options, Bucks County ledgestone and Dakota ledgestone. The Dakota looked more gray to us, so we went with that one. We knew that we wanted black shutters and hoped to get gray siding. When we told our SR that, we only had one color scheme to choose from. So here are our color selections!!
Stone: Dakota Ledgestone
Primary siding: Graphite gray
Accent siding: Silver mist (looks creamy to me)
Door: Roycroft copper red
Shutters: Black
Let's hope that we love it all together when it's on the house!!

We also went over the electrical and lighting options. I thought we would be adding a lot of outlets, but we only are adding 4:
2 to the storage area in the garage
1 to the other side of the kitchen island
1 to the wall in the great room behind where the tv will be mounted
We also added a switched outlet to the cabinet above the microwave where the vent is so that I can plug lights in for above the kitchen cabinets and will then have a switch to control them.

Other lighting and electrical options:
Under cabinet lighting
4 ceiling fans (1 in each bedroom)
10 recessed lights (2 above fireplace, 4 in the great room, 4 in the morning room)
2 ceiling fan rough ins (great room and morning room)
Floodlights outside of the master bedroom windows
3 way switch for the lights outside of the garage (1 switch in garage, 1 in foyer)
1 light prewire above gourmet kitchen island

Speaking of the kitchen island, that's the most exciting news of all!! We were really struggling with whether or not to get the regular island or gourmet island. We liked the gourmet island better, but it was much more expensive for less storage. Our SR had sent us pics of the old gourmet island that was offered (shaped like a hockey stick) and I fell in love with it. I asked if there was any way we could get that so the non standard request was put in. We waited almost two weeks to get told no. We pushed back and got a yes within a day. So then we had to wait for the price... again, we waited about a week. When they FINALLY got back to us, it was the same price as the gourmet island that is currently offered. I was beyond thrilled about this because it is more than twice the storage of the current gourmet island. Best. News. Ever. I cannot wait to have this island!!
We also added the counter depth cabinet above the fridge. This was another non standard request that was a fair price to me. 
I am so happy to be done making all of these decisions!!
Dakota Ledgestone sample
Color selections page from the cottage color scheme book
What the colors might actually look like in person.  Not sure about that door color, but it will be easy enough to change after closing.  I think I might like a brighter red. 

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