Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dunkirk Model Home

Welcome to our building with Ryan Homes blog!  We started the process about a month ago, so I have some catching up to do to get everything down.
We had been thinking about building for about 6 months, but hadn't found the right place or opportunity. My husband mentioned a new Ryan community that he had become aware of so we decided to stop by one day after a run. We toured the model and checked out the neighborhood and liked what we saw.
We went back about a week later to talk numbers and shockingly this neighborhood was offering a ton of incentives - morning room, finished basement, brick front, side entry garage, carriage style garage doors, just to name a few. Additionally, one of the best lots (on the cul-de-sac) was still available.  They had been using it as a top soil lot and they decided that they wouldn't charge us the premium for it. The icing on the cake was that the two lots on the one side of the site weren't large enough to build any of the approved models on it, so it's likely those will remain empty.
We said we would think about it, but we left feeling really good about everything we saw and heard.  I started to get really disappointed thinking about us not getting the lot in this community, so we decided to do it! begins our home building journey!!
Dunkirk Elevation K with Side Entry Garage
Model Home in Elevation K
Morning Room
Great Room
First Floor Floorplan

Second Floor Floorplan

Basement Floorplan


  1. BEAUTIFUL model and layout! So excited for you! Congrats.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy to have the selection process done finally! Now we can (hopefully) sit back and watch our house be built.

  2. Do you have any photos of your laundry room cabinets/ countertop finished?

  3. Do you have any photos of your laundry room cabinets/ countertop finished?

  4. Replies
    1. Our community is a brick front, side entry garage community. There wasn't an additional charge for the brick, but there was an additional charge for the stone we selected in lieu of the brick front. It wasn't cheap, but we LOVE it so much! Really makes the house pop!!