Friday, June 20, 2014

Guardian Appointment

Our Guardian appointment was the first unpleasant experience we have had. When we first called to set up the appointment, it was easy, no problems. But then about a week before it was scheduled, he called and asked if he could move it around because he had a golf outing that came up. Ok, no problem, we can be flexible. We proposed multiple days and times, including all but 1 hour on a work day and nothing was good for him - his son plays baseball and it's apparently not ok that he miss a game to do his job. Whatever... My husband kept telling me to keep calm because the guy was always super nice on the phone.
We finally agreed upon a time. We get there and everything is going great. No pressure, just telling us all the options. When we say no to things, he's fine with it. UNTIL we get to the security pitch...
He just would not let it go. We said that we didn't want it, so we were surprised when he showed us the pricing sheets and it was still on there. We told him again that we did not want it and he just kept telling us pretty much that we needed it. Finally, I asked if we could remove it if we went home and thought about it and decided against it. He said we could, but it "would just be more work for him to do, but he would do it since it's his job". So I just told him to keep it on and we would talk about it more at home.  I was sick of telling him one thing and him doing the opposite. Plus at that point, we had been there for 3 hours and needed to get home to our daughter.
We emailed him the next day asking him to remove it and he still hasn't gotten back to us with our revised pricing. I am getting concerned that he is going to stick us with getting stuff that we told him from the start that we did NOT want.
Anyways, we ended up getting the 6 pack of additional connections and also the 2 room set up for lyriq - the speaker system. We are going to put speakers between the great room/kitchen/morning room and also outdoor speakers where the back porch is going to be. We are excited with our picks but just wish the security portion wouldn't be so difficult to deal with/get rid of.
I understand that's their main business, but they have to listen to the customer when they say no. I hope it gets removed sooner than later.

UPDATE 6-24-14
We heard back from the Guardian guy on Friday and he said that he would remove the items that we wanted taken off and send us the updated paperwork.  As of right now, we still haven't received the updated paperwork, but at least he acknowledged the changes that we wanted to make.


  1. That's not uncommon with Guardian. I would definitely email your Sales Rep and let them know that you decided you do not want the Security system and that you reached out to the Guardian Rep and they haven't gotten back to you. We had a REALLY hard time getting in touch with Guardian and our flooring company after our initial meeting and the only way we got to speak to them again was once we told our Sales Rep they weren't getting back to us.

    1. That's exactly what I told my husband that should do if we haven't heard back from the Guardian guy by Monday. Our experience with Rite Rug was a really good one. Even after the appointment, the girl was really fast to get back to us, which I appreciate very much.

  2. Our RH area works with Trinity, but I agree with you. We got pressured into doing the security system to. We even talked about it a few days ago about how we are apprehensive and somewhat wish we would have been stern and said no. It is their "big sale" apparently.

    1. I'm happy we decided to say no after the meeting. I don't like feeling pressured into things and it's just too much money a month for what you get.