Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Framing seems to mostly be done

We are mostly under roof!! We normally stop out at the house 2 to 3 times a week and we just went yesterday, but it's all happening so fast that we couldn't resist stopping again today.

Yesterday the whole second floor was framed and most of the roof up.  Today we have almost all of our windows!!!!  Our garage concrete floor also got poured today.    It is incredible!! I love watching our house come together!!!

I am obsessed with taking pictures of everything...

Front view

Back view

Side view

Morning room

Great room with fire place framed

Garage with concrete floor

Welcome center

Dining room


Entrance to master suite

Laundry room

Master bathroom

One of the master closets

Master bedroom windows

Second floor hall bath


  1. Wow!!! It looks great!! It's funny cause your house looks massive framed! We only have the first floor but when we went in We thought it looked small! Haha!

    I can't believe how quickly it's going! Beautiful!

    1. I know!! When we saw our house staked I thought it looked tiny... I still thought it looked small when just the first floor was framed, but it is looking bigger with every step they get done!!

      You will probably have your second floor by sometime next week, maybe even by tomorrow!

  2. Everything looks awesome! It goes so fast doesn't it? You'll be scheduling your pre-drywall soon!

    1. I'm amazed how much they get done every day... I don't know how it happens this fast.

  3. I agree your house is huge framed and you saw my worry about ours looking tiny. Your house is beautiful, we are framed but don't have concrete... Maybe next?

  4. I really love the windows in the morning room and all of the rounded entryways are really GORGEOUS! Now you'll get to see all of the internal stuff get moving - fun stuff!